Monday, 26 February 2007

Lion 4 Muffin

This one was done for Muffin on about Feb 14th that's why it's so soppy. Fun to do and a bit different just incase anyone thinks that I just draw girls.....I wish!

Incidently does anyone know of an actual market for pin ups like those below as I have never found one, would love to get a bit back for something that I do for fun.

Cheers, Bats

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Feb Jam

Here's my very quick sketch for the Feb Jam on the Drawing Board. Didn't have much time but others seemed to like it so I have added it here.


There's a thread on The Drawing Board about the actress Morena Baccarin, inside you will find the most amazing paintings by the likes of Em.. Visual Myriad, VHS and Tandem who have produced awesome images that are well worth seeing ( this was my attempt.