Thursday, 21 December 2006


The one I sent round. Christmas Greetings

Christmas Rose

Merry Christmas to all who drop by.

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Red 4 by Thorcus

One of the guys on the drawing board known as Thorcus did an image based on one of my earlier images - I love it, so I thought I would post it here for anyone to look at.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Adding links

Hi chaps,

Have manged to work out how to add links to this now, I will add links to the blogs I come across them.

Cheers, Bats

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Gobukan girl template

This seemed like a fun thing to do. Gobukan's templates were posted and a couple of the guys wanted to draw their own ladies from them, the thread got turned in to a kinda Jam and some interesting stuff started to appear, it seems to have gone cold now though...shame, it was fun.

I want to also thank Shaggy for being the first to comment on the Blog.
Muffin who asked time and again to set this Blog up, thank you.
Tooninator, thank you for dropping by
Winter Monkey for helping me sort out part of the problem with the Blog
Em...Thank you for commenting.
Jill, who comments on just about all my stuff, thank you very much.
And finally Lou, thanks for posting Lou.

I have seen work from most of you and commented on your great art, so gald you like the stuff I have placed here.


A friend of mine who likes to get get dressed up in bizarre Discworld outfits asked (ages ago) asked if I could draw a picture of him in his outfit for a tshirt to wear at an upcoming event...this is the result!

Sunday, 3 December 2006

I posted everthing on here but the older posts have gone! They can be accessed by the titles in the search called Red4 and picking friut and Andrea. It's bloody annoying to have loaded everything here and not be able to just look at it all, and the previous post bar that should run to the side of the images has gone which would allow easier access, if anyone knows why let me know.

In the Jeans

Most reacent image, thanks to everyone who posted and got me to create this blog.

It's in the Jeans

Number of Drawing Board guys asked to see more stuff. My Hard drive died and in the recovering Data process I found some older stuff I posted ages ago so I added them to a post which I had done a paint over for one of the sketches.


One of the guys on the Draweing Board saw the last image of Leslie and asked for a pic in the saw style.


Another Drawing Jam entry on the Drawing Board.

Where temptation may lead

While working on a lighting exercise, I had a lengthy call from a friend that inspired this image…read in what you will!

Dean Yeagle's "Mandy" fan art

Each month on the drawing board there is a collection of photos for anyone to draw. I have always been a fan on Dean Yeagle’s Mandy, and decide that the one image of a girl doing yoga offered a chance to do so.

Dean has seen this so I am not doing anything here that he does not think is OK.


Andrea young posted a link to her photos in the "Red Chair". I thought it seemed like a good idea so I posted this. A crazy mixture of styles but Andrea seemed to like it and now use it as her Avatar.

Picking friut

2nd image added to the Drawing board


Drew this but then found I couldn't access the drawing board anymore and had to get another email account to do so.

Bloody frustrating!