Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Fun in the Sun to come.

Just tried to load this image to the Drawing Board, but apparently there is an upload limit ands I have reached it, guess that's the end of that then. I don't understand it though as there are a number of serial posters on the forum and they put up far more stuff than me.

Oh well hope any one passing enjoys this.

Thanks to all that have posted on this Blog so far.


shaggy said...

Really cool. I wish my stuff looked this good.

Viktor said...

There is a way to erase old posts on the drawingboard so you get more space for new posts.

Click on "Uploads" in the list of links in the top. There you can administrate your old posts.

Love your stuff btw.

Joe Foo said...

She is tremendous! I love her!

J. Nowland said...

Hey Bats.... just came a cross your blog... and I'm really diggin' your stuff.... makes me a bit jealous..... You drawn them there ladies so very well... keep it up... and I'll keep checkin' back... see you around... PEACE!

Roc said...

nice work man. . . this stuff is great!