Monday, 8 January 2007

One for a more jokey jam on the board.

There was a catoon done by the wonderful Mr.Devlin and what was required was too recreate or mimic or just about anything else to do with the image in question. I thought the caption seemed far more appropriate for a man than a lady standing over her worker so I came up with this very rough sketch. Not ment to look like Mr.D's work but more to capture the era and fun.

I enjoy reading the posts from you all on this site and the drawing board, so I thank you all for posting. I am not sure if you guys can read the posts if I put one in the message section. Hope one of you can tell me.

Cheers, Bats


Muffin said...

A month and no new posts!
this world is in need of some of your art, Bats. :) Post more!

Bats said...

Hi Muffin,

Tough old 6 weeks. Building up to two more years of production and there's lots to be done.

I do thank you for being interested in the the work here to ask for more, for you muffin I will try.

Cheers, Bats

Muffin said...

I can absolutely undrestand that having a lot of work to do makes it harder to keep the posting up, - but hopefully you'll find some time. :)

.. i will make you some lions, that way you have to! (;

thank you, Bats.